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Petit Byahaut is a place for those who want to experience nature eloquently. A place where privacy is accomplished with trees, flowers and space - 50 acres and only five guest dwellings.

Scuba and snorkeling in and around the secluded bay has been reported by many to be the best they have experienced. Originating from Petit Byahaut are hikes through the rainforests, to waterfalls and to the volcano. There are no roads, no phone, no TV and it is accessible only by boat.

If you enjoy being a part of nature...if you enjoy a walk through acres of flowers to get to the privacy of your own place...if you enjoy seclusion; you'll enjoy Petit Byahaut.

What's New Around Here?
There is always something new and there are always changes. Also check out our additions and photos on our Guest Comments page in Visitors' Log.

Petit Byahaut: About the Resort
Find out about the resort's accommodations and amenities; rates and how to make reservations; what to do and where to visit; how to get to Petit Byahaut and the history of this ecotourism resort. You can even take a visit through our island store!

Where in the World are We?
St. Vincent and the Grenadines? The West Indies? The Caribbean? These maps will help you figure out just where this island resort can be found.

Our Photo Scrapbook
Take a peek at some of the photos we've collected in and around Petit Byahaut.

Why Ecotourism?
Here's where to find out more about ecotourism, and why we think that it's an important part of our resort.

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