How do we fit into the eco-tourism scene?

Even though eco-tourism is bantered around as a catch-all for doing something outdoors, we consider it more seriously. There are no intrusions of road, telephone, or television. Nature provides the solar-generated power and fresh water. Electricity is operated by photovoltaics. So, your tent site has area and reading lights that do not pollute the air. An inverter converts the DC current from the sun into AC for those delicious, blended frothy drinks. Our refrigerator's insulation is environmentally friendly. 10 times more efficient and cooled by the sun. Rainwater is stored in nine water cisterns connected by miles of underground pipes and pumped by solar pumps so you can have plenty of pressurized fresh water at your site. Petit Byahaut is a place that blends technology with nature in a friendly and passive approach.

If you enjoy being a part of nature...if you enjoy a walk through acres of native flowers to get to the privacy of your own place...if you enjoy seclusion where the happenings are an Antillean Crested Hummingbird sipping the nectar of a hibiscus or a school of Blue Tangs swimming lazily through iridescent yellow sponges or a tropical evening witnessing a shooting star; you'll enjoy what we enjoy and the reality of eco-tourism.

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