The Falls of Baleine


(or lack thereof)

We figure you're pretty active just by getting here, so rather than schedule any activities we let you tell us your level and provide you; the means. There's no tennis or golf so don't bother lugging all that equipment.

If you're interested in water activities we do have a Sunfish sailboat for sailing in the bay, ocean kayaks, snorkeling, and dive equipment. We'll take you on a tour of the underwater if you're certified. Our reef which is filled with beautiful tropical fish, coral and sponges, is just off the beach and can be viewed even by standing in four feet of water. For the more intrepid diver, in addition to the reef, there are caves , caverns and a 120 foot wall at the north point of our bay.

For landlubbers, or just something different, we will take you on an excursion to hidden waterfalls, a mile wide volcano, rain forest, or other islands and cays. There are scheduled trips to the rain forest and bat cave included with 5 nights or more stays.

Tours of Nature and a Country:

Trinity Falls $70 per person, minimum 2 (8+ hours)
A short boat trip. 2 hour winding drive along and through the rugged dramatic leeward coast. 1 hour hike through tropical vegetation to a trio of falls in the middle of the island. Spectacular! Includes guide and lunch.

Rain Forest $100 up to 6 persons (4 hours)
A short boat trip. 30 minute vehicle drive (some bumpy) to this 10,000 acre parrot reserve. Hike 2 to 2 1/2 hours through magical vegetation that touches the sky higher than you can see. River with small pools and falls in which you may bathe.

La Soufriere $70 per person, minimum 2 (9 - 10 hours)
A short boat trip. 2 hour vehicle drive through Kingstown, a busy 3rd world city and marketplace, up the windward highway. The angry Atlantic and wind swept hills contrast the tranquil leeward coastline at Petit Byahaut. A varied 2 hour hike 4,000+ feet to the mile wide crater from bamboo forests to a wind swept moonscape. Hike along the crater edge and maybe even into the crater. Then, of course, a 2 hour hike back down. This varied experience defies words.

The Falls of Baleine $50 per person, minimum 4 (6 - 7 hours)
A boat trip up the dramatic leeward coast north of Petit Byahaut. A short swim to a rocky beach and a short hike through a deep canyon along the river and pools to the high powerful falls (picture on this page). Possible sightings of Spinner Dolphins or whales - on the way, that is - not in the pools or falls.

Tobago Cays (9 hours)
Boat to waiting taxi to airport. Short flight to Union Island where you board a large sailing yacht that travels through numerous cays and islands with beach and snorkeling stop. Includes lunch.

Bequia from $20 (taxi & ferry) to $350 to charter your own captained motor sailing yacht or a high speed power boat for up to 10 persons. (7-10 hours)
A sweet and more "touristy" island in the country. Shops and small island charm.

Bat Cave Snorkel Trip ($30 + $5pp)
Located at Byahaut, so you can take one of our kayaks there and tie to our mooring, if you are a guest of Petit Byahaut, for no additional charge. Black and white diamond-shaped rocks and other patterns form a geological wonder. From the wide shallow beginning to the 4 foot wide fissure rising twenty feet above you and 45 feet below, the trip through these caves is a challenging exciting experience for those comfortable in the water.

SCUBA (rental equipment or guided)
With your own equipment you can rent a tank for $10 a day and pay for additional air fills. Petit Byahaut Bay offers excellent diving. There are trips to other reefs, wall, caves and caverns. Many a diver has stated this is the best diving they had ever experienced.

There are many other hikes, tours and trips. We have named the ones we most often do.

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