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Shorties from our guest book!

"Dear Michelle,
Thanks for a lovely time at your restful place...It has been cold and grey here in Holland, with snow flurries today.  On Monday we went to a local restaurant, and one of our party had lobster - it was a quarter of the size of yours. Give our regards to everyone, and thank them for making our stay so enjoyable."             Rae and Geoff 2006

"Hi Michelle and Sid: It's 34 deg F today. Zakki says hello to Blue, Shadow and Blakey. We loved our visit. We really hope to come back again soon. Thank you for being so welcoming to us and for looking after us so well. Please give our regards to Sir Alvin the chef!! All the best - and enjoy the Blues festival! Wish we were there for it. Love,"    Jocelyn & Peter 2006

"Dear Michelle and Sid,
Arrived safely back in NYC...Now it's cold and windy-just like it should be in February.
Thanks to you and the whole staff for a wonderful stay at Petit Byahaut.  It's wonderful that our heaven on earth spot never disappoints. We wish you a happy and successful season and look forward to next year. Best regards,    Stephen and Gale 2006

"thanks for all you did to give us a memorable time.  We really needed it and you guys sure do deliver."         Joy 2005

"Thanks for everything! We have now eaten lime pie, vegetarian lasagne, marinated eggplants and blackened fish with passion fruit sauce. Thanks for the great recipes and lovely visit." Robin and Mike 2002

"Pure Bliss! Beyond words...except for the fantastic staff!" Henry & Elysa 2001

"Even the hammocks were the best!" Mark & Trish 2001

"Thank you for making us feel so special!" Louis & Sara 2000

"Heaven on earth!" Paul & Sara 2000

"Peaceful seclusion! Super cuisine! Beauty above and below the sea! Very special staff! We'll be back!" Derek & Natalie 2000

"Beautiful Place! Wonderful host and staff. Cut our stay short in Bequia just to get back to paradise (Petit Byahaut). many thanks (great dogs)." Tim & Kath  2000

"Heavenly place & gracious hosts! Thank you!" Cynthia & Dave 2000

"Hurricane-force hospitality! Loved it!" Kirsteen & David '99

"A beautiful resort!" Joe, Heather & Mattie '99

"Best Vacation Ever!" Anne & Greg '99

"Exceeded our expectations!" Karla & Brian '99

"Fabulous! Simple, elegant and beautiful!" Steven & Andrea '99                                       

 "Really special!" John & Laura '98

"We won't forget it! Many thanks! Marcie & Greg '98                

"What a great place!" Kitty '98

And for those yachties that may stop by for a meal, shelter, hiking or just an experience.

Many greetings from Finland - from freezing temperatures and snow! We overnighted anchored in Your bay 10.- 11.November on a Moorings“ yacht called Eva Lois II. We cruised around starting from St. Lucia, sailing down South to Bequia and finally finishing to Martinique - and we thought that Your unique, pretty bay was the most beautiful we saw on our trip!

Best Wishes Kai Ertolahti, Vantaa (Finland)

Perhaps you remember our group, who came with a catamaran into your bay. We just want to send you a hello from Switzerland. We enjoyed your place, it gave us the absolute peace of mind. The food was among the best, if not the best we encountered in the WI and the way it was presented is comparable to the best restaurants on our continent. You impressed us and we are looking forward to come back. We wish you a quite hurricane season and all the best!

Rakusa and Anderhub (Switzerland)

Hey Guys!

Sorry to be so long sending our thanks for your hospitality but we have been working hard so we can get back down there again. Our stop at your resort was one of the highlights of our trip and again our thanks. You have a one-in-a-million place (but no bagels) and we look forward to seeing you all next year.

Kent, Regina, and crew of the Compass Rose (USA)

And for those land lovers!

Dear Charles and Sharon,
By the way, how are your Grappa stocks going? Did we clean you out completely? That was hilarious when Wilfried asked Patricia if she had a whiskey....or better still... a Grappa. Pat looked puzzled, "Grappa?" and Wilfried repeated, "Grappa!" I told him to forget it. There was no way there would be Grappa in such an isolated place in the middle of the Caribbean. Then Pat appeared with the grappa! We almost fell off our chairs.
    A favourite for us was loading up the kayak with dive gear, paddling out to a mooring and descending down into coral gardens. We have dived all over the world, but I found diving around Petit Byahaut to be one of the most friendly and prettiest diving experiences I“ve had.
    We have already recommended you to all our friends, so be prepared. Stock up on grappa!
Kaye and Wilfried (Germany)

Need some convincing, read on....

We were guests at Petit Byahaut in 1996. In fact we got married and honeymooned there!!! A wedding no one could forget! We also heard about Petit Byahaut from a friend of ours. They described it as a secluded, romantic private bay with the best view of sunsets from your tent and the service of a 5-star resort and the best hosts. We were pleasantly surprised and absolutely thrilled with our experience. It is one of the most luscious, exotic, holistic down to earth places in the world. This is an ideal way to experience a tropical environment and become one with nature. Charles and Sharon take personal involvement in your enjoyment of the resort and St. Vincent. They have gone to great lengths to keep this environment as natural as possible. You will have the most wonderful local cuisine you have ever tasted. Exploring the nearby town was a unique slice of day-to-day life in St. Vincent with wonderful friendly locals who couldn't do enough to please you. A must see is the Valley of the Parrots, the Botanical Gardens and the Volcano Hike. There were other excursions to the nearby islands which we did not have enough time to take but from what we heard from others they are awesome. Snorkeling right in your own backyard is incredible. If you love nature, peace of mind and genuine hospitality, this is the ideal place! Hope you take this opportunity for a truly unique experience you won't forget!

Cheers, Tom & Anna (Cdn)

P.S. We can't wait to go back and hope to do so on our 5th Wedding Anniversary.

My wife and I give an unqualified thumbs up to Petit Byahaut! Dottie selected PB after much research and we were certainly rewarded for the trouble. We like warm waters with easy snorkeling and availability to good diving, both at PB. We like some privacy, some socialization, without any pressure. PB is the best. We like good food. PB serves a truely exceptional table with great fresh seafood and native veggies and fruits. (ask and they will get it). If you want to explore the Island it is easily arranged from PB.

    PB is unique in many ways. Sharon & Charles have put together a truly unique experience. Don't let the "outdoors thing" scare you. The individual dwelling units are very comfortable and set up for pure relaxation.

    We returned to the rainy Pacific Northwest fully recharged after our stay at PB. Finally, We are planning a return very soon which is unusual for us as we have traditionally taken two trips/year to "new" places. We have such good memories of PB that we will forgo our rule and return.

    I hope you decide to meet Sharon & Charles and experience Petit Byahaut.


Dave & Dottie (USA)

We have spent a week a year at our getaway site for the last 4 years. One time we took our entire family of grown kids and grandchildren and just took over the place.

    We relax, read, look at some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world and enjoy living outside. We tell people that we are going camping but it isn't a camping experience unless clean sheets every night is camping. It is a very personal way to experience nature. Plus the food is great-always based upon what is freshest and in season. I love the vegetarian choices, my spouse likes them for two days and switches to bacon for breakfast and steak for dinner.

    Its a getaway place because there is no phone or TV and no way for the office to reach us, but there is no lack of folks coming in from sail boats in the evening. We have spent some pleasant evenings getting to know these travellers and their favorite places.

    Pack light, swim suits and something to wear for dinner, maybe some shorts or light pants if you want to do some day trips. Petit Byahaut is an authentic and unique experience.

Susan and Roger (USA)

There's a private sandy beach with comfortable hammocks on the sand at seaside for your relaxing, and each tent (fully covered and shaded from the elements) has either a hammock or chair style hammock as well. I liked the chair style so much I bought one for my house.

    Meals are delightful and Sharon is quite a cook; preparing or supervising preparation for all the meals. It's restful, beautiful, relaxing, remote and quite charming. Both Sharon and Charles are delightful hosts.

    Side trips can be arranged; for instance, I met a young man with a boat on a previous trip to St. Vincent who they contacted for me (Hal Daze) and he took me out again (I'm into dolphin watching). Or you can plan a trip through the rain forest which is guided and delightful (I went through the forest on the previous trip.)

    There's a lot to do if you desire -- there's nothing to do if you also desire. What more could you ask for?

Cheers -- Barbara (Barbados)

p.s. Petit Byahaut is high on my list for repeats!!

How did I fill (laze?) my time in Petit Byahaut. Here's a typical day I spent at the resort last year.

8:00 a.m. Arise (whoops, I missed the sunrise again)

8:30 a.m. Head down to the dining terrace for breakfast.

8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. Eat and lolligag in the store talking to Charles.

10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Get my snorkeling gear and go swimming. (remembered to take my book for laying in the hammock when I'm resting between my dunkings)

1:00 p.m. Head up to the restaurant for lunch.

1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Eat lunch. Have a tropical drink. Take a walk.

2:30 p.m. post-prandial nap

3:30 p.m. Get the Sunfish and head out in the bay.(check to see if any of the dogs want to come.)

4:30 p.m. Take another swim - maybe a little more energy.

5:00 p.m. Take a fresh water shower and get changed for the evening.

5:45 p.m. Head down to the bar for a before dinner drink.

6:00 p.m. Have a Petit Byahaut special. (cocktail) and watch the sunset. (it always sets the same time down here)

7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Eat a leisurely dinner since I've been so active.

9:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Sit around and chat and solve all the problems in the world. Say goodnight and follow the solar lights back to my site.

10:00 p.m. - late Bedtime stuff, read my favorite book, listen to the waves and drift off, ready for my next exerting day. Maybe I'll hike the volcano in a few days.

Hope you get as much accomplished as I did. It's a truly beautiful location and completely restful. The only difficult thing to do is to leave. Have a great time and say hi to Chuck and Sharon for me.
Best Wishes, Diana

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